Commit e915a960 authored by Jayant Khatkar's avatar Jayant Khatkar
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print which trajectory fails for manual resume, interface for resuming from nth traj(#17)

parent 157c4e9e
......@@ -18,20 +18,21 @@ from Controller import Controller
import gcode2contour as gc
def execute_plan(plan, controller, contours=None, confirm=False):
def execute_plan(plan, controller, contours=None, confirm=False, skip_first=1):
Executes a plan on MoveIt
Single arm only
skips the first n trajectories in the plan
# plan to the start position of the plan[0][0].positions[0])[0][skip_first].positions[0])
# execute trajectories in plan
for i, t in enumerate(plan.trajs[0]):
if i==0:
print("skipping first traj")
if i < skip_first:
print("skipping traj {}".format(i))
if confirm:
......@@ -40,8 +41,10 @@ def execute_plan(plan, controller, contours=None, confirm=False):
if t.contour is not None:
print("Printing {}th trajectory in the plan, which is contour {}".format(i, t.contour))
controller.exec_ctraj(speed_multiplier(t, 5), contour=contours[t.contour])
print("Moving arm, no extrusion")
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