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added generate-html option from a catalog.json file

Moises Sacal requested to merge 135553/CalcyteJS:develop-generate-html into master

Hi Peter,

Please check out this Merge request (new at Merge request in gitlab, I think they are the same as PRs in github)

See file changes:

  • .editorconfig - helps editor configuration
  • .gitignore - added some ignorable files
  • calcyfy - added the option for --generate-html see that I had to move things around to make it optionable
  • test_data/catalog/CATALOG.json - added catalog file to test


  • Added the default help() to be called if no arguments given
  • --generate-html will loop through all directories given and with a JSON file (named 'CATALOG.json') create an HTML file

untested (like savages) will test

Cheers, Moises

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