Commit 77c26c49 authored by Moises Sacal's avatar Moises Sacal
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updated login screen

parent 72378fb2
......@@ -32,7 +32,20 @@ module.exports = {
class: 'LabarchivesLoginField',
viewOnly: false,
definition: {
name: 'Login'
name: 'Login',
loginLabel: 'Login',
usernameLabel: 'UTS email address',
passwordLabel: 'LabArchives Password Token for External applications',
helpLoginLabel: 'To get your Lab Archives token:',
helpLoginLabelList: [
'Log in to LabArchives',
'In the top right, choose the user menu (with your name on it) ',
'Select LA App authentication',
'Copy the token from Use this password',
'Come back to this screen',
'Enter your UTS email address',
'Paste the password token you copied above into LabArchives Password Token for External applications.'
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