Commit 2a11b781 authored by Moises Sacal's avatar Moises Sacal
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changing labarchives to eNotebooks and updating the icon for issue #28

parent 15f0ac35
......@@ -33,7 +33,7 @@ module.exports = {
workspaceFileName: '',
key: {"akid": "USER", "password": "PASSWORD"},
location: '',
description: 'LabArchives Workspace'
description: 'eNotebook Workspace'
module.exports.workspacetype = {
'labarchives': {
name: 'labarchives',
label: 'LabArchives',
subtitle: 'LabNotebooks',
description: 'Create or link LabNotebooks (LabArchives) workspace:',
label: 'eNotebooks',
subtitle: 'eNotebooks',
description: 'Create or link eNotebooks (LabArchives) workspace:',
logo: '/angular/labarchives/assets/images/la.png',
action: {default: 'list', available: ['create', 'list']}
......@@ -38,7 +38,7 @@ module.exports = {
usernameLabel: 'UTS email address',
userPasswordError: 'Please include your password token',
passwordLabel: 'LabArchives password token for external applications',
helpLoginLabel: 'To get your Lab Archives password token:',
helpLoginLabel: 'To get your LabArchives password token:',
helpLoginLabelList: [
'Log in to LabArchives',
'In the top right, choose the user menu',
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