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# CalcyteJS
This is a work-in-progress port of the python-based [Calcyte tool](
## Status
This is Beta code.
## About
Calcyte is a toolkit to implement the [DataCrate] specification:
1. Generating HTML from DataCrate CATALOG.json files.
2. Managing metadata for collections of content via automatically generated
spreadsheets, to create CATALOG.json files
3. Packaging data in BagIt format, and optionally zipping it.
Calcyte targets the [Draft DataCrate Packaging format v0.3](
## Installation
- Install [node.js](
- Install the [BagIt](
`brew install bagit`
- Install Siegfreid using the [instructions](
- Get the code:
git clone
- Link the binary for development use:
npm link
## Usage / instructions
> ./calcyfy
Usage: calcyfy [options] <directories...>
Generates DataCrate HTML for CATALOG.JSON files. Pass a list of directories. To create Spreadsheet files for entring metadata use -d or -r.
-V, --version output the version number
-b, --bag [bag-dir] Create Bagit Bag(s) under [bag-dir])
-n, --no No Citation - only applies ith --bag
-z, --zip Create a zipped version of the bag - only applies with --bag
-d, --depth Maximum depth to recurse into directories
-r, --recurse Recurse into directories - up to 10
-u, --url [distro] Distribution URL
-h, --help output usage information
To run Calcyte on a group of directories pass it a list of directories
One directory:
calcyfy test_data/Glop_Pot -r
This will:
- Traverse the entire Glop_Pot directory, and generate or update CATALOG_name.xlsx files.
- Create or update the `test_data/Glop_Pot/CATALOG.json` file
- Create a *DataCrate Website* with entry-point `test_data/Glop_Pot/CATALOG.html`
All the sample directories:
calcyfy test_data/*
Calcyte will generate:
- a CATALOG\_$dir.xlsx file in each directory (this is for humans to fill in with
metadata about the data)
- An index.html file summarizing the data using metadata from CATALOG\_$dir.xlsx
- A CATALOG.json file containing JSON-LD metadata derived from the CATALOG\* files plus some basic file-format information.
See the examples in `test_data`.
TODO: Instructions for filling in the CATALOG files.
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