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......@@ -4,10 +4,8 @@ Software for planning the motion of the twin printers robot.
The twins are 2 UR5e arms which 3D print in a shared workspace.
This repo contains the following components:
- A pyBullet simulation of the twins for fast collision checking
- A python Planner object for managing simulataneous arm trajectories
- IKfast IK solver generation for the twins
Given a valid gcode file, it constructs a collision free plan for two arms
to print the object as concurrenlty as possible.
## Building/Installing
......@@ -28,3 +26,28 @@ cd src/utils/ikfastpy
python build_ext --inplace
pip install .
#### Running
Create the plan, and enter an interactive shell for viewing it:
cd src # repo root dir
ipython -i # quicker plan
# OR
ipython -i # working on it
To inspect the plan in the interactive shell:
# watch the plan created, sped up to complete in 30s #use,0.5,1) to only watch the last half of the plan
# plot showing when each arm is printing, when waiting/travelling
#plot the contours planned, coloured by the arm they are assigned to
tu.plot_plan_contours(plan, contours)
# save the plan"myprint.plan")
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