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main loop for two arms rough draft (#5)

parent 455dd51b
......@@ -595,10 +595,12 @@ class KeyboardController(Controller):
if __name__=="__main__":
#con = KeyboardController(disableExtruder=True)
con = KeyboardController(disableExtruder=True, robot=2)
con1 = KeyboardController(disableExtruder=True, robot=1)
con2 = KeyboardController(disableExtruder=True, robot=2)
#con = KeyboardController()
print('Collecting configrations...')
configuations = con.prompt_configurations()
configuations = con1.prompt_configurations()
configuations = con2.prompt_configurations()
print('Your configurations:')
import numpy as np
import pickle
import time
import copy
import sys
# ROS Libraries
import rospy
from std_msgs.msg import Bool
from trajectory_msgs.msg import (
## Our libraries
from utils import load_plan, JTraj2ROS, speed_multiplier
from Controller import Controller
import gcode2contour as gc
def execute_plan(plan,
Executes a plan on MoveIt
Single arm only
skips the first n trajectories in the plan
# plan to the start position of the plan[0][0].positions[0])[1][0].positions[0])
controllers = [r1_con, r2_con]
# execute trajectories in plan
plan_len = max([a[-1] for a in plan.cumul_time.values()])
s = time.time()
expected_end_time = s + plan_len
i_r = [0,0]
while time.time() < expected_end_time:
# Find which arm and which trajectory is next to be executed
next_arm = np.argmin([plan.cumul_time[0][i_r[0]], plan.cumul_time[1][i_r[1]]])
next_time = min(plan.cumul_time[0][i_r[0]], plan.cumul_time[1][i_r[1]])
i_r[next_arm] += 1
t = plan.trajs[next_arm][i_r[next_arm]]
# wait till time to execute next trajectory
time.sleep(next_time - (time.time() - s ) - 1) # 1s extra
print("Printing {}th trajectory in the plan, which is contour {}".format(i, t.contour))
if t.contour is not None and contours is not None:
controllers[next_arm].exec_ctraj(speed_multiplier(t, 1/contour_speed), contour=contours[t.contour])
controllers[next_arm].exec_ctraj(speed_multiplier(t, 1/move_speed))
if __name__ == '__main__':
plan2arms = load_plan('two_arm_test', contours=True)
r1_con = Controller(disable_extruder=True, robot=1)
r2_con = Controller(disable_extruder=True, robot=2)
execute_plan(plan2arms, r1_con, r2_con, trajs=200, move_speed=0.5)
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