Commit 7576d8db authored by Jayant Khatkar's avatar Jayant Khatkar
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fix moveit package and update submodule (#5)

parent c1345c57
- name: r1/scaled_pos_traj_controller
action_ns: follow_joint_trajectory
type: FollowJointTrajectory
- robot1_shoulder_pan_joint
- robot1_shoulder_lift_joint
- robot1_elbow_joint
- robot1_wrist_1_joint
- robot1_wrist_2_joint
- robot1_wrist_3_joint
- name: r2/scaled_pos_traj_controller
action_ns: follow_joint_trajectory
type: FollowJointTrajectory
- robot2_shoulder_pan_joint
- robot2_shoulder_lift_joint
- robot2_elbow_joint
- robot2_wrist_1_joint
- robot2_wrist_2_joint
- robot2_wrist_3_joint
......@@ -10,10 +10,10 @@
<!--CHAINS: When a chain is specified, all the links along the chain (including endpoints) are included in the group. Additionally, all the joints that are parents to included links are also included. This means that joints along the chain and the parent joint of the base link are included in the group-->
<!--SUBGROUPS: Groups can also be formed by referencing to already defined group names-->
<group name="r1">
<chain base_link="robot1_base" tip_link="robot1_ee_link" />
<chain base_link="robot1_base_link" tip_link="robot1_ee_link" />
<group name="r2">
<chain base_link="robot2_base" tip_link="robot2_ee_link" />
<chain base_link="robot2_base_link" tip_link="robot2_ee_link" />
<!--GROUP STATES: Purpose: Define a named state for a particular group, in terms of joint values. This is useful to define states like 'folded arms'-->
<group_state name="home" group="r1">
Subproject commit 483201546193edd139a6701b6ecbd529693c65a7
Subproject commit d46044262840d60d1be85a0e339762858242b904
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