Commit 44d315ab authored by Jayant Khatkar's avatar Jayant Khatkar
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merged catkin_ws into this project with submodules

parent 20f62a76
[submodule "catkin_ws/src/universal_robot"]
path = catkin_ws/src/universal_robot
url =
[submodule "catkin_ws/src/universal_robots_ros_driver"]
path = catkin_ws/src/universal_robots_ros_driver
url =
# This file currently only serves to mark the location of a catkin workspace for tool integration
\ No newline at end of file
Subproject commit 5f182d27a20593725da5857ed9115f67e609f2f6
Subproject commit 483201546193edd139a6701b6ecbd529693c65a7
......@@ -5,6 +5,8 @@ from utils import ur_kinematics
from math import pi
import time
import warnings
from utils import *
import rospy
from trajectory_msgs.msg import (
import sys
import copy
import rospy
import moveit_commander
import moveit_msgs.msg
import geometry_msgs.msg
from math import pi
from std_msgs.msg import String
from moveit_commander.conversions import pose_to_list
robot = moveit_commander.RobotCommander()
scene = moveit_commander.PlanningSceneInterface()
group_name = "manipulator"
group = moveit_commander.MoveGroupCommander(group_name)
display_trajectory_publisher = rospy.Publisher('/move_group/display_planned_path',
planning_frame = group.get_planning_frame()
eef_link = group.get_end_effector_link()
group_names = robot.get_group_names()
print robot.get_current_state()
joint_goal = group.get_current_joint_values()
joint_goal[0] = joint_goal[0] + 0.05
joint_goal[1] = joint_goal[1] + 0.05
joint_goal[2] = joint_goal[2] + 0.05
joint_goal[3] = joint_goal[3] + 0.05
joint_goal[4] = joint_goal[4] + 0.05
joint_goal[5] = joint_goal[5] + 0.05
group.go(joint_goal, wait=True)
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