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Python implementation of Dec-MCTS
WARNING: This repo is incomplete, see the TODO at the bottom of this file to see how you can contribute.
### Installation
pip install git+
......@@ -46,3 +48,12 @@ for i in range(350):
tree1.receive_comms(tree2.send_comms(), 2) #send comms message doesn't have ID in it
tree2.receive_comms(tree2.send_comms(), 1)
### TODO
- Simulation:
- Simulation has not been implemented since it was not required for bigprint. Currently the repo simply evaluates at each node immidiately.
- Desired Features: simulation with depth limit, simulation with cost limit, simulation until reward function can be calculated (i.e. simulation to completion).
- Action Sequence Distribution:
- Currently the probability distribution of the Action sequences being communicated is not being calculated as described in the paper. The probability distribution is simply being set as proportional to the local reward function.
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