Commit 470ef3b4 authored by Chris Evenhuis's avatar Chris Evenhuis
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parent 80dec9c0
......@@ -112,7 +112,6 @@ if( True):
I3= find_root(plat, [I2,I2*2 ],0.8*pmax[1], 1.,a,b)
I4= find_root(plat, [I3,I3*2 ],0.5*pmax[1], 1.,a,b)
fs = [0., 0.5*I1/I4, I1/I4,0.5*(I1+I2)/I4, I2/I4, 0.5*(I2+I3)/I4, I3/I4, 0.5*(I3+I4)/I4, 1.]
rs,gs,bs = create_LUT(fi=fs)
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