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# Objective
A description of the microscope's objective lens.
Required elements include the lens numerical aperture,
and the magnification, both of which a floating
point (real) numbers.
The values are those that are fixed for a particular
objective: either because it has been manufactured to
this specification or the value has been measured on
this particular objective.
Correction: This is the type of correction coating applied to this lens.
Immersion: This is the types of immersion medium the lens is designed to
work with. It is not the same as 'Medium' in ObjectiveRef (a
single type) as here Immersion can have compound values like 'Multi'.
LensNA: The numerical aperture of the lens (as a float)
NominalMagnification: The specified magnification e.g. x10
CalibratedMagnification: The measured magnification e.g. x10.3
WorkingDistance: WorkingDistance of the lens.
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