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# Channel
There must be one per channel in the Image, even for a single-plane image.
And information about how each of them was acquired is stored in the various optional Ref elements. Each Logical Channel is composed of one or more
For example, an entire spectrum in an FTIR experiment may be stored in a single Logical Channel with each discrete wavenumber of the spectrum
constituting a ChannelComponent of the FTIR Logical Channel. An RGB image where the Red, Green and Blue components do not reflect discrete probes but are
instead the output of a color camera would be treated similarly - one Logical channel with three ChannelComponents in this case.
The total number of ChannelComponents for a set of pixels must equal SizeC.
The IlluminationType attribute is a string enumeration which may be set to 'Transmitted', 'Epifluorescence', 'Oblique', or 'NonLinear'.
The user interface logic for labeling a given channel for the user should use the first existing attribute in the following sequence:
Name -> Fluor -> EmissionWavelength -> ChannelComponent/Index.
# Dichroic
The dichromatic beamsplitter or dichroic mirror used for this filter combination.
# Filter Set
Filter set manufacturer specification
A filter is either an excitation or emission filters.
There should be one filter element specified per wavelength in the image.
The channel number associated with a filter set is specified in Channel.
It is based on the FilterSpec type, so has the required attributes Manufacturer, Model, and LotNumber.
It may also contain a Type attribute which may be set to
'LongPass', 'ShortPass', 'BandPass', 'MultiPass',
'Dichroic', 'NeutralDensity', 'Tuneable' or 'Other'.
It can be associated with an optional FilterWheel - Note: this is not the same as a FilterSet
......@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@ It is primarily a container for manufacturer's model and catalog
numbers for the Microscope, LightSource, Detector, Objective and
Filters components.
The Objective element contains the additional elements LensNA and Magnification.
The Filters element can be composed either of separate excitation,
# Light Soure
Describes a light source
......@@ -5,7 +5,7 @@ Required elements include the lens numerical aperture,
and the magnification, both of which a floating
point (real) numbers.
The values are those that are fixed for a particular
objective: either because it has been manufactured to
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