Commit 08b35be0 authored by 蒙律师's avatar 蒙律师


parent 5b4bf347
import pandas as pd
import numpy as np
def import_Dataset(Dataset):
if Dataset is 'exp':
time = pd.read_csv('./exp/time-train.txt', header=None).to_numpy()
event = pd.read_csv('./exp/event-train.txt', header=None).to_numpy()
time_lst = time[0][0].split(' ')
time_lst = time_lst[:30] # because the presentation of ''
time_seq = np.array(list(map(float, time_lst)))
event_lst = event[0][0].split(' ')
event_lst = event_lst[:30] # because the presentation of ''
event_seq = np.array(list(map(float, event_lst)))
return time_seq, event_seq
print('Cannot find specified Dataset.')
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