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......@@ -104,7 +104,11 @@ You should now see the map of Europe.
Make sure that `value` from "Sheet 1" is below "Measures". If you find it below "Dimensions" you will need to Drag-and-drop it from "Dimensions" to "Measures".
2. Drag-and-drop `value` from below "Measures" to where you read "Drop field here".
2. Drag-and-drop `value` from below "Measures" to on the map.
3. In the "Marks" box change what is coloured in the map by clicking on the little triangle: from "Measure" -> "Sum" to "Dimensions". This because you don't want to see the sum of the value but the actual corresponding value for each region of the map.
![Tableau join](img/marks-1.png)
![Tableau join](img/marks-2.png)
### Change the colors
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