Commit 84303203 authored by Jayant Khatkar's avatar Jayant Khatkar
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parse json as contours, start on building dependency graph

parent 2bbe6a66
using DataFrames using DataFrames
using CSV using CSV
using JSON using JSON
using LightGraphs
struct contour
function contour(d::Dict)
return contour(d["pos"], d["time"])
voxels = DataFrames.DataFrame(CSV.File("tensile-1-1.csv"))
contours = JSON.parse(open("tensilecontours.json"))
function dependencyGraph(cons::Vector{contour})
G = LightGraphs.SimpleDiGraph(0)
# separate contours into layers
# loop through contours from previous layer and compare waypoints
# use KDTree to do this fast
return G
voxels = DataFrames.DataFrame(CSV.File("tensile-1-1.csv"))
contours = contour.(JSON.parse(open("tensilecontours.json")))
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