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......@@ -46,6 +46,7 @@ The experiment is executed in a Jupyter Notebook file, `bandit_gui.ipynb`, which
Inside the `Pokemon/` directory, the script `` serves two tasks: generation of the training samples by amalgamating the different sources and using this data to train the model. `` helps to visualize the prediction across the colour pallete while `` helps to capture model uncertainity.
### BayesCNN
In the BayesCNN directory, the file is a generic BBB wrapper that can transform any network architecture into a bayesian network. The notebook CIFAR10.ipynb gives a workflow for building a frequentist/bayesian network, train it on CIFAR10 and record evolution of validation accuracies.
## References
- C. Blundell, J. Cornebise, K. Kavukcuoglu and D. Wierstra, [‘Weight uncertainty in
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