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Upload New File

parent 299600d0
'use strict';
if (typeof Promise === 'undefined') {
// Rejection tracking prevents a common issue where React gets into an
// inconsistent state due to an error, but it gets swallowed by a Promise,
// and the user has no idea what causes React's erratic future behavior.
window.Promise = require('promise/lib/es6-extensions.js');
// fetch() polyfill for making API calls.
// Object.assign() is commonly used with React.
// It will use the native implementation if it's present and isn't buggy.
Object.assign = require('object-assign');
// In tests, polyfill requestAnimationFrame since jsdom doesn't provide it yet.
// We don't polyfill it in the browser--this is user's responsibility.
if (process.env.NODE_ENV === 'test') {
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