Commit d6165ad8 authored by 13138449's avatar 13138449

Delete paths.js

parent 5a2a3c5a
'use strict';
const path = require('path');
const fs = require('fs');
const url = require('url');
// Make sure any symlinks in the project folder are resolved:
const appDirectory = fs.realpathSync(process.cwd());
const resolveApp = relativePath => path.resolve(appDirectory, relativePath);
const envPublicUrl = process.env.PUBLIC_URL;
function ensureSlash(path, needsSlash) {
const hasSlash = path.endsWith('/');
if (hasSlash && !needsSlash) {
return path.substr(path, path.length - 1);
} else if (!hasSlash && needsSlash) {
return `${path}/`;
} else {
return path;
const getPublicUrl = appPackageJson =>
envPublicUrl || require(appPackageJson).homepage;
// We use `PUBLIC_URL` environment variable or "homepage" field to infer
// "public path" at which the app is served.
// Webpack needs to know it to put the right <script> hrefs into HTML even in
// single-page apps that may serve index.html for nested URLs like /todos/42.
// We can't use a relative path in HTML because we don't want to load something
// like /todos/42/static/js/bundle.7289d.js. We have to know the root.
function getServedPath(appPackageJson) {
const publicUrl = getPublicUrl(appPackageJson);
const servedUrl =
envPublicUrl || (publicUrl ? url.parse(publicUrl).pathname : '/');
return ensureSlash(servedUrl, true);
// config after eject: we're in ./config/
module.exports = {
dotenv: resolveApp('.env'),
appBuild: resolveApp('build'),
appPublic: resolveApp('public'),
appHtml: resolveApp('public/index.html'),
appIndexJs: resolveApp('src/index.js'),
appPackageJson: resolveApp('package.json'),
appSrc: resolveApp('src'),
yarnLockFile: resolveApp('yarn.lock'),
testsSetup: resolveApp('src/setupTests.js'),
appNodeModules: resolveApp('node_modules'),
publicUrl: getPublicUrl(resolveApp('package.json')),
servedPath: getServedPath(resolveApp('package.json')),
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